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During the past few years I have put effort into exploring my roots and reconnecting to my heritage in quite an ample way. The major step on that journey was starting a business called Wiurila Joie de vivre, which operates from the grand stable buildings of Wiurila manor.

A fair question to pose: Why add another challenging business into an already puzzling entrepreneurial potpourri?  Why amplify worries and adding hours of the wolf, as if the current ones were not enough? I could probably answer that question in many different ways. However, if you want the short answer – it is August.

Count August Armfelt is my grandfather’s grandfather. My childhood memory of him is in the shape of a portrait of a somewhat scary old man with a huge reddish beard, glaring at you from the library wall in the grand house.

He looked very sincere, and somewhat annoyed. What captured my attention most as a child was that his eyes followed you around the room. You certainly made sure that you were not left alone in the room with him, in case he would start talking to you!

Nowadays I talk to him almost daily – he has become a sparring partner in the fictitious role of Chairman of the Board of my ventures. Despite is oldness, he is still a very useful advisor and coach today.

As the years pass, you get older and more interested in where you come from. Like many others, I’ve started to investigate and learn more about my ancestors. At some point I got a bit tired of all the literature about my very famous forefather Gustaf Mauritz, who charmed both Swedish and Russian royals, affected European politics, and who managed to steer Finland into autonomy in the 19th century.

– Count August Magnus Gustav Armfelt [1826 – 1894]

I started to look at other generations. It turned out that the persons linking me to Gustaf Mauritz all had quite interesting life stories to tell. When you get to read their letters and personal notes, you realise that their lives were not much different from ours. Personal reflections, questions about self-esteem, time management, money & family worries (which were strongly connected in those days) – but also things they cherished and valued are not very different from those relevant to us today.

I am in awe of how he managed to achieve so much, work so much, travel so much!

Looking at his portrait today, I keep asking new questions like:

Whom did he rely on? Where did he find the resources and the connections?

How did he manage to keep up? What were his values? What strategies did he set up?

Did he feel he achieved what he was striving for?

What was his big passion and reason to live?

Today I work on a similar mission like his – I work on the theme of thriving food systems as a tool to make the planet healthier and the people happier. I hope August’s vibrant spirit, forward thinking attitude, fast moving decision making and huge appetite for work stay with me for years to come.

The story of August & I has only just started – let’s see what will evolve from here!

– – –

Patricia Wiklund

Count August Armfelt’s grandson’s granddaughter



Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


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11.5 - Varjosta Valoon duo piano concert
12.5 - Mother's Day Lunch
11.5-9.6 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely I art exhibition
14.6-25.8 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely II art exhibition
11.7 - Wiurila Cultural Thursday
27.7 - Domenico & Folke classical concert
23.8 - Film night: Leif Wager retroperspective
25.8 - Traditional horse & carriage event (Cancelled)
30.8-1.9 - Finnish Championship in carriage driving
23.11 - Christmas Market
29.11 - Christmas concert hosted by Salon kamarikuoro
17-20.12 - Christmas Lunches in the Grand Ballroom



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