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A unique private dining experience awaits you!

The Colonel’s Cabinet pays homage to Colonel Hans-Olof von Essen, Armfelt ancestor and Knight of the Mannerheim Cross No.30. You’re invited to dine in his recreated personal dining room. Be seated at von Essen’s own diplomat table with meals served on his tableware. The Cabinet also features war artefacts & traditional decorations.

You’ll be personally greeted by Wiurila’s host upon arrival. Choose from delicious 3 or 5 course menus, inspired by the Colonel’s era & made fresh in Wiurila’s professional kitchen. The Colonel’s Cabinet is available for meetings, lunches and dinners for 4 to 16 people.

Contact Wiurila to arrange your very own private dining experience! info[@]wiurila.fi | +358 400 121 900

Colonel Olof von Essen was awarded the Mannerheim Cross [Knight no. 30] for his exemplary military service.

Enjoy 3 or 5 course menus, inspired by Manor recipes from Colonel von Essen’s era


Which tableware should we choose? Who is placed where? What flowers are in season? There is always a spur of excitement and anticipation when you get to plan and set the table for a formal dinner party. The colonel’s wife loved the planning and preparations – and she has passed that passion on to us!

When guests arrive, there is a similar delightful thrill. They are eager to raise their glasses, be seated, tuck in and enjoy a lovely feast and engaging conversations with family and friends!

The diplomat table in the Colonel’s cabinet, as well as the big table in the ballroom, is all about bringing people together, having a meal, enjoying the moment and creating memories to cherish. The settings remind us of the time passing in combination of the importance of being here in the moment right now – experiencing this magical moment!


Private dining at Wiurila is not just for small, intimate parties. Our Grand Ballroom can be transformed in your own private dining room for large family commemorations, formal business events, social galas…or whatever you have in mind!

Like the Colonel’s Cabinet, the Grand Ballroom is traditionally decorated & adorned with portraits of the Armfelt family ancestors. You’ll enjoy multi-course plated meals and full table service by our Wiurila staff.

The Grand Ballroom has a private entrance, formal cloakroom and grand piano. A projector and AV allows you to compliment your event with presentations, photo slideshows or videos. An audio system and microphone can also be supplied for speaking or vocal performances.

Contact Wiurila to shape your very own private dining event!

info[at]wiurila.fi | +358 400 121 900


Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


+358 400 121 900




Viurilantie 126,

24910 Halikko, Finland




11.5 - Varjosta Valoon duo piano concert
12.5 - Mother's Day Lunch
11.5-9.6 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely I art exhibition
14.6-25.8 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely II art exhibition
11.7 - Wiurila Cultural Thursday
27.7 - Domenico & Folke classical concert
23.8 - Film night: Leif Wager retroperspective
25.8 - Traditional horse & carriage event (Cancelled)
30.8-1.9 - Finnish Championship in carriage driving
23.11 - Christmas Market
29.11 - Christmas concert hosted by Salon kamarikuoro
17-20.12 - Christmas Lunches in the Grand Ballroom



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