SINCE 1787

Amongst the Armfelt ancestors were Barons, Counts and prominent military figures. Several had friends in high places. And some were industrious entrepreneurs who brought many new enterprises to Wiurila.

In our Grand Ballroom, you can meet our ancestors dating back to 1787 through their portraits. And learn more about their lives through a guided Museum tour. They each brought something unique to Wiurila, and wrote their own chapter of its history.



Count August Magnus Gustav Armfelt [1826 – 1894] took over management of Wiurila at age 18, and solely inherited the estate when he was 31. It’s said that being the proprietor of Wiurila was not his life’s passion. But given the responsibility, he put all his energy and passion into it.

August was a man with his eye on the future. He brought new enterprises and prosperity to Wiurila. He purchased more land, and agriculture became the main source of income for the estate at the time. August also established a distillery, brewery, dairy and a dairy school at Wiurila. In addition, he commissioned a glass and brick factory on the estate – and some of Wiurila’s buildings were constructed using bricks made on site. Many of the goods produced were exported to parts of Europe on Wiurila’s own ships.

Wiurila was at its peak during Count August’s era. His entrepreneurial attitude transformed Wiurila and made it thrive. August’s visionary spirit continues to be an inspiration at Wiurila today!


In August’s time, the manor produced a wide range of alcoholic beverages. Beer was already being made at Wiurila in 1787, but August established a proper brewery on the estate in 1850.

In addition to beer, the manor produced different spirits, wine products and alcoholic punch. Some of the recipes still remain in the Armfelt family today.

You can see some of the original labels in Wiurila’s Home Museum.



Countess Adelaide Gustava Aspasia Armfelt [1801 – 1881], often known as Vava, came to Wiurila in an unusual manner. She married her cousin, Count Magnus Reinhold Armfelt. But they weren’t only cousins – Vava was the illegitimate child of her husband’s uncle. Her mother, Princess Wilhelmine, the Duchess of Sagan, had a relationship with Gustav Mauritz Armfelt.

When Vava married her cousin Magnus, she brought with her to Wiurila an international background and cultural influences. She also brought money. Her mother gave her a large sum, which she quickly invested into decorating Wiurila. New paint and wallpaper went up, new ovens were ordered and a balcony commissioned – and she purchased late-Empire style furniture decorated in red silk. The interior design was impressive for its time. Vava brought colour, life and culture to Wiurila. During her era, Wiurila was a truly splendid manor.

Vava Armfelt left a legacy of grand living and enjoyment at Wiurila. Her perspective to “make the best of things” and enjoy life through art, culture and pleasure influences Wiurila to this day.


Vava brought many new decorations and furniture into Wiurila manor, as did other Armfelt ancestors. Many pieces are still in possession of the Armfelt family today.

You can see some historical family artefacts in Wiurila’s Home museum, and furniture pieces are progressively being integrated into Wiurila’s Grand Ballroom


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