WIURILA OPENING HOURS | Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


Take your team away to the countryside for meetings that matter. Wiurila’s calm surroundings provide privacy and peace to focus on the task at hand. With several meeting spaces, we cater for meetings from 4 to 120 people.

Hold a formal board meeting in the Colonel’s Cabinet.  Plan, design & problem-solve in the Barn of Ideas. Or host conferences & gala events in the formal Grand Ballroom. With many team activities at Wiurila, you can build an engaging meeting package to meet your goals (both business & pleasure!)

When you need to switch off and focus, Wiurila’s Guest House offers a unique “work & stay” space for small teams. Private and secluded, your team can work uninterrupted to your own schedule. The Guest House sleeps up to 8 people and provides a private, dual-purpose space to work, eat & take time out. Contact Wiurila for more information – +358 400 121 900 | info[at]wiurila.fi



The Colonel’s Cabinet

Private and traditional in style, the Colonel’s Cabinet is perfectly suited for board-style meetings.

Make those important decisions in a secluded and inspiring space.

For 4 – 16 people


The Barn of Ideas

Purpose built for planning & designing, the airy Barn of Ideas has wall-size whiteboards & blackboards to get hands-on and creative.

Plan, design & problem solve in a light space with views of the parklands!

For 12 – 40 people


The Grand Ballroom

Our Grand Ballroom is a majestic space for large meetings, such as conferences, seminars or gala events. The Ballroom accommodates various configurations to suit your meeting purpose. Traditionally decorated, the space includes a grand piano, private entrance & cloakroom.

For 20 – 120 people


When you & your team need to work undistracted to push important things forward, the Guest House offers a secluded team working space.

With 4 private bedrooms (for 4 – 8 people), the Guest House gives you a place to stay, focus & work together for as long as you need. The common area provides a dual-purpose working & socialising space.

Continue team momentum into the wee hours. Get cracking early as the birds wake. Work, break, sleep & eat on your own schedule.

The Guest House is calm, with parkland views and nature-inspired interior decorations. The private entrance limits interruptions. And when you’re ready to break (and hook up on wifi), the Wiurila Bistro is just a few steps away!

A great option for team scrums, projects sprints & design thinking!

Contact Wiurila for bookings: +358 400 121 900 | info[at]wiurila.fi


We have something to say about meetings. We want them to filled with purpose and productivity. We want them to be focused, empowering and creative confidence boosting!

So why not take a chance and try the new Wiurila Meetings Approach. Forget stuffy conference rooms and use our timeless venue in the appealing countryside instead! You will not be disappointed!

What is the purpose of your meeting or event? Is it to learn new things? Innovate and create? Make tough decisions? Plan details? Take crucial action?

Whatever your opportune and decisive moment is, let us help you set the scene and make it an experience! Meetings are so much more fun when you engage multiple perspectives, frame the issues, use the full features of the spaces and break up the day with creativity boosting experiences, nature and great food.

We’ll guarantee that you will go back feeling revitalised, focused, determined and productive again – and of course longing to return here soon again!

While Invenire is in residence at Wiurila, we’ll be developing & demonstrating our Meetings Approach further through Workshops and Trainings.

– Patricia Wiklund, Managing Director of Wiurila Joie de vivre & Invenire Market Intelligence


Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


+358 400 121 900




Viurilantie 126,

24910 Halikko, Finland




11.5 - Varjosta Valoon duo piano concert
12.5 - Mother's Day Lunch
11.5-9.6 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely I art exhibition
14.6-25.8 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely II art exhibition
11.7 - Wiurila Cultural Thursday
27.7 - Domenico & Folke classical concert
23.8 - Film night: Leif Wager retroperspective
25.8 - Traditional horse & carriage event (Cancelled)
30.8-1.9 - Finnish Championship in carriage driving
23.11 - Christmas Market
29.11 - Christmas concert hosted by Salon kamarikuoro
17-20.12 - Christmas Lunches in the Grand Ballroom



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