Wiurila is set amongst natural parklands making it an ideal place to connect with nature. The tall trees have many stories to tell, and their leaves whisper along the sea breeze. A variety of wildlife naturally reside around Wiurila, such as foxes, squirrels, white tailed deer and muskrats. And nearby Viurilanlahti bay is a prominent site for migrating birds.

There’s many nature experiences to be had at Wiurila. Take a guided nature history walk, or improve your wellbeing and stamina in a CrossNature training session. You can also explore the parklands on your own – Wiurila also has several official Geocaching spots to find!

Wiurila is a member of Green Care Finland ry and participates in the Green Empowerment – Wellness and Sustainable Business from Nature project. The project aims to develop nature-based experiences, outdoor activities and tourism for both local and international tourists.


The canopy of the Wiurila Park is lush with different shades of green, and the sunlight casts dancing shadows on the park floor. In spring, the park is covered by a carpet of wildflowers. Fresh breezes to sweep in from the sea, enticing the trees leaves to dance and whisper their sing. Raindrops make their way down deep fissures in the tree bark to moisturise soft mosses.

Wiurila park is mature by Finnish standards, which can be seen in the trees’ thick trunks and their rough bark. Gustav Mauritz Armfelt visited the park of the Russian Imperial Summer Palace in the early 1800’s, where he collected larch and ash seeds, and posted them back to Wiurila. In the park, domestic species of hardwood grow but there are also rare species of foreign trees and fir. The trees in the park are maintained by nature and in summer, the ponies act as cute and effective lawn mowers of the grass!



Book your group nature experience by contacting Wiurila on +358 400 121 900.

All our nature experiences commence from the Wiurila Info Centre, located next to the arch in the courtyard.



Explore Wiurila’s grounds today and in the past. On this guided walking tour, you’ll admire the old trees and plants of the manor and learn interesting historical stories about the parklands.

Price 9 €/adults 5 €/children, min 10 persons

500 metres walking / Level **

Available April – October



Connect with the diversity of life around Viurilanlahti bay. You’ll observe the different surroundings and their wildlife.

This guided journey includes a picnic lunch!

Price 35€/adults, min 10 persons

3.5 hours / 7 km walking / Level ***

Available March – mid August


In CrossNature, we build strength and stamina in the beautiful Wiurila grounds using our bodies as a tool. Suitable for all levels of fitness whilst leaving room for personal challenge.

Price 12€/adults, min 10 persons

75 minutes / Level ****

Available April – October



Wiurila is located on the shore of the sheltered Viurilanlahti bay, which is at the end of the long and narrow Halikonlahti inlet sweeping in from the archipelago. The bay is a valuable landscape of cultural and historical importance, characterised by extensive fields and the old mansions within their grounds. Some of the shores are grazed by highland cattle and sheep, who do important work to maintain the shore meadows and preserve the natural biodiversity.

Extensive reed beds and grass meadows make Viurilanlahti one of Finland’s most prominent sites for migrating birds. Viurila Bay is a Nature 2000 area and a special conservation area for birds. The sweet river water and salty seawater combine to make an interesting mix of freshwater, attracting specific marine birds and plant species.



The Gulf of Viurila is deemed to be a valuable bird migration site of international importance.

Birdwatching is diverse and the waterfowl population is exceptionally large. Many species nest in the area, while others stop to rest and feed during migration and moulting. The waters of the Viurilanlahti Bay shore provide good living habitat for wading birds also.

The bay is home to various waterfowl, such as crested grebes, ducks, coots and waders like common snipe, shanks and lapwings. In addition, there are a variety of passerines, a black headed gull colony and rare bearded tits.


An adventurous geocaching expedition is a great way to get to know the Wiurila area by yourself!

There are four caches in a series which lets you discover Wiurila, both past and present. You can try to find one or all of the four caches. The route varies in length, depending on your starting point. The route is easy to walk, using roads and paths, ditch edges and skirting forests.

This is a perfect opportunity to start geocaching!



Wiurila participates in the Green Empowerment – Wellness and Sustainable Business from Nature project. The project will develop the business environment for three companies offering products in nature-based experiences, outdoor activities and tourism.

The goal is to offer both international and domestic tourists wellness products and to create a new sustainable business model through nature-based methods. The project is financed by the EU through the Leader program.



Bullerobong Oy Ab is a member of Green Care Finland ry.

Green Care works to coordinate, develop and promote the use of nature and animal assisted methods in combination with wellbeing and health services in Finland.


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