WIURILA OPENING HOURS | Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


At Wiurila, you can seek harmony and connect with nature.

Wiurila is located amongst natural parklands and nearby Viurilanlahti Bay, one of Finland’s most prominent bird migration spots. The abundance of mature tall trees create a calming canopy, with sunlight peaking through. Walking paths from Wiurila wind past the rose garden, the nearby horse stables & lead you down to Viurilanlahti Bay. You’re likely to meet some wildlife along the walking paths – squirrels, foxes and white-tailed deer are just some of the animals who live amongst the parklands.

Wiurila offers a very different experience each season – in spring and autumn, Wiurila comes alive with colour & enhances the unique yellow buildings. And come Christmas time, Wiurila transforms into a winter playground when snow blankets the parklands & buildings!

In Wiurila’s natural surroundings, you can unwind & let time pass amongst the calm open countryside.


A prominent Finnish bird migration spot of International importance!

Wiurila located on the shore of Viurilanlahti Bay. The bay is located at the end of Halikonlahti inlet which sweeps in from the archipelago.

The Gulf of Viurila is deemed a valuable bird migration spot of international importance. Thanks to the extensive reed beds and grass meadows surrounding the bay, a wide diversity of bird species and waterfowl visit. The sounds of the flocks testing their migration voyage ahead can be heard on warm evenings.

Highland cattle graze on the Natura 2000 protected wetlands along Viurila Bay. The cattle perform an important job of counteracting wetland overgrowth, and helps to create essential breeding and staging areas for birds. The cattle are also important for circulation of nutrients, sequestration of carbon and increased biodiversity.


Wiurila participates in the Green Empowerment – Wellness and Sustainable Business from Nature project. The project will develop the business environment for three companies offering products in nature-based experiences, outdoor activities and tourism. This initiative is inspired by Green Care who work to coordinate, develop and promote the use of nature and animal assisted methods in combination with wellbeing and health services in Finland.

The goal is to offer both international and domestic tourists wellness products and to create a new sustainable business model through nature-based methods. The project is financed by the EU through the Leader program.


Wiurila is open for group bookings by appointment


+358 400 121 900




Viurilantie 126,

24910 Halikko, Finland




11.5 - Varjosta Valoon duo piano concert
12.5 - Mother's Day Lunch
11.5-9.6 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely I art exhibition
14.6-25.8 - Wiurilan kesä näyttely II art exhibition
11.7 - Wiurila Cultural Thursday
27.7 - Domenico & Folke classical concert
23.8 - Film night: Leif Wager retroperspective
25.8 - Traditional horse & carriage event (Cancelled)
30.8-1.9 - Finnish Championship in carriage driving
23.11 - Christmas Market
29.11 - Christmas concert hosted by Salon kamarikuoro
17-20.12 - Christmas Lunches in the Grand Ballroom



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